FIPOFIX Finished: 16 Feet solo across Atlantic!

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  • Nominating to the sportsman of the year

  • 15 days after his return, Harald still generates great media interest in Austria.
  • Dear Fans, Sailing- and Adventure Enthusiansts,

    eventually an unique project, a great sailing adventure came  to its successful end.

  • After a one-week stay in Les Sables d'Olonne



You can watch the fascinating videos of Open16 FIPOFIX here

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Open16 FIPOFIX arriving Les Sables d Olonne

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The original, our prototype Open16 FIPFOFIX, the skipper of the project “Proof of Principle” Harald Sedlacek and the skipper of the Vendée Globe Norbert Sedlacek will be live on Paris boat show.

Norbert and Harald will present during the whole boat show (from 5th to 14th December 2014) not only the Open16 FIPOFIX but also first perspectives of the follow-up project, the “STAR” – Sailing The Arctic Race, from New York, USA to Victoria, Canada.

The regatta will take place for the first time in summer 2017. After the record prototype  Open16, FIPOFIX will follow the invitation by the race direction and will develop in collaboration with YCC again a new boat concept which can face the nearly indescribable requirements for men and machine.

There will be many tailor-made solutions for this navigation area. The solutions will also be of technical nature like integrating thoroughgoing volcanic fibres. The highest aim of this boat concept is that it remains in distress situations like after a collision with drifting ice as floatable and waterproof as possible so that the crew can bring the boat into the next harbour by their own.

Team FIPOFIX is looking forward to your visit in pavilion 1, stand G44!

Nominating to the sportsman of the year

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15 days after his return, Harald still generates great media interest in Austria.

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