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  • Dear Fans, Sailing- and Adventure Enthusiansts,

    eventually an unique project, a great sailing adventure came  to its successful end.
    As the natural father of the "nautical protagonists" and the "intellectual father" of the project "Proof of Principle", the project which was both a technical, a sporting and therefore a human slippery slope, I would like to summarize, after "a hard day’s work", the project "Proof of Principle".


    Skipper Harald Sedlaek

    First of all "bravo and chapeau to Harald, we are proud of you!" Secondly, a great and cordial "thank you" to you, our virtual companions, on behalf of all our partners and the entire team!

    You, who have been encouraging us with your interest and compassion, with your suggestions and comments, but also with your praise and censure have enlivened and enriched our project. You and all of you have become an essential and important part of our project. This is exactly that and I would like to thank you again and very clearly on behalf of our partners as well as on behalf of the entire team.

    I hope we from our part were able to report and to answer your questions and suggestions, to satisfy your interests and to contribute sufficient background information about this adventure on a daily basis.

    Nevertheless, you will still have a lot of questions about the project and especially to us. We will do our best  to answer all questions in the frame of our "Proof of Principle" Live Film Show or even with pleasure to answer your inquire personally.

    Now, what was the project "Proof of Principle" and what has it left us next to thousands and thousands of photos, many hours of video recordings, thousands of press reports and unforgettable experiences?


    © Pedro Rodriguez

    Well, "Proof of Principle" was our technical priority, advanced only under laboratory conditions, the boat passed over an absolute hardness test in the sea. It should also give us the certainty, that our, in the meantime patented idea of new processing technology, has created the extremely sustainable and the time corresponding composite material such as the volcanic fibers.
    Last but not least should "Proof of Principle" also treading new sailing ground and enter with new sailing records in the history of offshore sailing.

    In fact, all our essential considerations have been confirmed. The prototype Open16 built out of FIPOFIX volcanic fibers and supported by our technology partner Kapsch and Yacht Construction Consulting successfully completed two transatlantic crossings.
    Despite of indescribable obstacles, our volcanic fiber mini crossed the North Atlantic twice without any significant damages and the skipper Harald  displayed to all us his courage and particularly his boundless endurance, during his first crossing with the broken electronics and therefore no functional autopilot, a total of 133 exciting and emotional days at sea.

    After all of these facts, which have my bold considerations and versions as well as the performance of my partners and my team, of course I would like to thank "Neptun", because we all know: "the fortune favours the brave" is not sympathetic, then even the greatest, most conclusive considerations supported by absolute ambition is doomed to failure.


    © Pedro Rodriguez - Norbert Sedlacek, Harald Sedlacek, Lionel Pariset, Didier Gallot

    In this context, I hope that we can welcome you personally at one of our events and if you are wondering if there is already an idea about a new project in my head? Now, I can only say that ……….during September – exact date details will follow – we will send our small FIPOFIX on a roadshow, and therefore I’m going to present my new plans!

    So, I wish you a beautiful, relaxing and enjoyable summer and I look forward to our "Takeoff" event in this coming September!

    Sincerly Norbert Sedlacek

  • Nach einem einwöchigen Aufenthalt in Les Sables d’Olonne begleitet von großem medialem Interesse wird Harald Sedlacek heute Abend um 22:15 Uhr aus Paris kommend in Wien Schwechat eintreffen.

  • Heute, 02.07.2014 um 11.24 MEZ passierte Harald Sedlacek nach unglaublichen 46 Tagen mit seinem Open16 FIPOFIX unter großem Beifall die Ansteuerungstonne von Les Sables d‘Olonne, FRA.

  • Only 8 nautical miles left to the buoy of Les Sables d’Olonne.
  • 01.07.2014, 18:00 UTC
    Pos.: 46°34,2'N 002°38,5'W
    Course: 100°
    Speed over ground: 5 kts
    Wind: NNW 3 Bft.
    Sail: GR, Code Zero


You can watch the fascinating videos of Open16 FIPOFIX here

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Follow Harald Sedlacek live in his "Proof of principle" project on Open16 FIPOFIX:

Special thanks to Charlie Schluting for his extraordinary assistance with programming this live tracker.

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